I'm Szymon, or you might know me as szymszl or even just szy.

I heard it's popular to list these: he/him

I can speak English and Polish (native).

I use Linux - Manjaro on my computer and Ubuntu on the server this site is hosted on.

I know some Python (this website is written in it), some C, and very very basic C++ for Arduinos.

I like making computers do weird stuff.

I play the violin but I'm not that great at it.

I don't know how to pronounce that name either, but I heard it as: "sizzy", "sai", "shy", "suzie" (lmao). Technically it comes from my Polish name, which would make the proper pronounciation technically /ʃɨ/. (/ʃɨmʃl/ for full name) Feel free to come up with your own, it's funny and I don't mind really